Marbled Tea Infuser 16oz Mug: Blue

Marbled Tea Infuser 16oz Mug: Blue

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You will love this beautiful marbled blue 16 oz tea infuser mug. It reminds us of the waves at the beach! The mug is made from high-quality new bone china. Each piece is hand-dipped in a blue marble glaze. The intensity of the marble look will vary by piece.  The extra-fine Tilt & Drip stainless steel infuser provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand and brew. The lid is multifunctional. The lid can be used as an infuser holder or a small dish for loose leaf teas.

Material is high-quality stoneware.

The entire product is dishwasher safe. The mug is microwave safe (The stainless steel infuser cannot be used in the microwave).

6.3" l x 9.5" w x 7" h

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