Microwavable Popcorn On The Cob

Microwavable Popcorn On The Cob

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This rich popcorn was locally grown in Utah from heirloom seeds, hand-harvested, and dried naturally by the sun before being personally packaged for you to enjoy. This thoughtful and traditional process allows every kernel to pack its flavorful depth.

This novelty “pop-on-the-cob” variety can be taken from snack to charcuterie board, prepared in your microwave or stovetop skillet, and makes 2 or more servings. Elevate your artisan popcorn batch even more by pairing it with flaky sea salts, favorite fresh herbs, and olive oil in place of butter.

Our favorite combination is black truffle salt and rosemary. Each package contains instructions, two cobs, and two popping bags, and each cob supplies about 5 cups when popped.

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