Anis de Flavigny French Mint tin that is open with white round mints in the base of the tin.

Anis de Flavigny French Mint

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These old-fashioned mint flavored French aniseed hard candies are packed in vintage decorative oval or round tins that add a lovely touch to your decor long after you have finished the contents.

The anise that lies at the heart of every candy has a warm, spicy flavor and a heady aromatic bouquet that bursts forth delightfully as the outer layers dissolve away in your mouth. The small 2 mg anise seed undergoes several delicate processes over a period of 15 days before it finally gets transformed into a perfectly shaped, 1 gm Anis de Flavigny Mint. The candy is all-natural and contains no artificial colorants or flavoring, no fat or alcohol, and no GM ingredients


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