Electric Pour Over Kettle: Sterling Silver

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Looking for the perfect cup of tea?  It begins with good water and then the temperature that the water boils to, making this electric pour-over kettle the PERFECT accessory for the Tea Lover! This sterling silver kettle is lightweight and has an anti-slippery handle for a secure grip and a leak-proof lid to prevent hot water from spilling. We also love that its gooseneck spout provides precise water pouring control, not to mention the brew stopwatch to calculate the time used for each brew!

The built-in wire coiler at the bottom of the base provides a to-the-degree temperature control (with °C/°F readings) and features a one-press quick boil mode to 100°C (212°F).

Temperature hold mode at your desired temperature with safety and energy-saving auto shut off in 10 minutes 

Kettle Voltage: 120V

10" l x 7.9" w x 9.6" h

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