Ever had a ripe tropical mango picked within 5 minutes of perfection?                             This is the tea. Mango abounds and the mellow character notes of natural white tea accentuate the experience.   1.5 oz, White Tea: Mango Calendula, Natural Flavors (Organic Compliant)

Lemon Pound Cake, Black Tea

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If you love lemon, have we got a tea for you! Our Lemon Pound Cake tea has a subtle creaminess bursting with citrus notes and delicate amaretto flavors. 

2 oz, Black Tea: Pineapple Cubes, Apple Pieces, Sliced Almonds, Freeze-Dried Lemon Granules, Freeze-Dried Yogurt Granules, Mountain Everlasting, White Cornflower Blossoms




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