"Baking Spirits Bright!" Six Weeks Until Christmas

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Welcome to "Baking Spirit's Bright" where we will be making one of our baking mixes for you every week until Christmas. Today we will be making our Pumpkin Scones and show you just how EASY it is to make! 

These are perfect for serving for breakfast, or for a snack (our family even likes them in place of a dinner roll). 

Inside your package you'll have a dry mix, you can go ahead and put it in a bowl (you'll need a pair of scissors to cut open the bag).

You'll then take one cup of whipping cream and pour it over the dry ingredients and then mix it until ig forms a bowl (sometimes we may have to put a little bit more cream in to get the last bits).


Now, the directions will tell you to put the dough on the counter and knead it ~ and you can if you'd like, it makes an absolutely beautiful scone!


But, if you'd like to be LAZY, just leave it in that bowl and get a cookie scoop, small medium or large ~ it's up to you!  Just scoop that dough up and put it on some parchment paper on a cookie sheet & BAKE....that's it!

Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes (I have to do 375 degrees because my oven runs a little hotter).


Get those scones out and while they are cooling go ahead and get a little bowl out and put some powdered sugar in it and then sprinkle a little nutmeg and ginger in there and add a little cream until it gets to the consistency you want and drizzle over those cooled scones...oh my!

Sit down with a delicious cup of our Gingerbread or Almond Sugar Cookie tea and enjoy!

These mixes are just super easy to make & taste amazing...they also make wonderful gift 😁

Join us next week & see what we bake!












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