Tea's an Egg-cellent idea!

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You know that we LOVE drinking tea, cooking with tea and this week we were DYING to try something new!

So, we all have lots of tea in our cupboard, and we've come up with a fun way to use it!  Go ahead and brew yourself a cup of tea and learn how to dye your eggs with your favorite teas!

It's a simple recipe really:

1-2 tablespoon loose leaf tea

2 cups boiling water

1 tablespoon white vinegar

4 hard-boiled eggs


Put your tea into a bowl (we used 2 tablespoons because we wanted a really concentrated tea to make the colors darker!) Add the boiling water.  Let the tea steep and cool down.




Once the tea has cooled add the white vinegar (keep the tea leaves in!) Add your hard boiled eggs.  




Cover with saran wrap or a lid and put into refrigerator and let them sit for 6 - 12 hours (the longer they are in there the darker they will be!)

Carefully remove the eggs and gently wipe them with your hands or a paper towel (the coloring will come off a bit).

This recipe is for one batch, with four eggs.  If you want to make more than four eggs, you will need to make more tea.

We made several batches of tea that we had in our cupboard, it is fun to see what colors come out of them!

In general these teas make these colors:

Rooibos tea: burnt orange

Black tea: reddish brown

Hibiscus tea: grey/blue

Butterfly pea flower: light blue

Matcha: bright green/yellow

Have fun using some of the tea in your cupboard this spring & let us know what fun combinations you came up with!!

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