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Gingerbread scone mix, lemon curd and gingerbread teaTHIS....it is everything you need for the holiday season! I'll let you on a little secret, our Gingerbread Scone Mix is FABULOUS with our Lemon Curd.  To take it up a notch, I add chopped crystalized ginger to the mix (ohhhh my!!!).  Dollop that Lemon Curd on top and ,make yourself a cup of our Gingerbread tea and you'll be in heaven, I promise ya!! 

Now, listen, I hear you, you don't have time, but let me assure you this is the EASIEST way to make you, your family, your guests a delicious breakfast, afternoon treat, or even dessert!  You can even GIFT this to someone and make them think you spent half A bowl with the Gingerbread scone mix in it with crystalized ginger on a cutting board with a knife and a cup of whipping creama day making it for then!

ALL you need is one cup of whipping cream...that's it!  If you want to use the crystalized ginger, just go ahead and chop it up and throw it in the mix before pouring the cream in.  Mix it all up then form it into a circle and score it into wedges.  Now, you wouldn't have to, but we like to take a little Turbinado sugar and sprinkle it all over to make it pretty (if you'll be icing the scones, you don't need to do this step!)


Round circular shaped dough scored into wedges for sconesPop them in the oven and bake for 14-16 minutes.  Now, my oven runs a little hot at the recommended 400 degrees, so I put it in at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.


While waiting on the scones to bake, let's make our tea!  You'll need one teaspoon per cup. Today I'm a tea cup with a snap mesh tea ball in it with hot water being poured over topgoing to use our Snap Mesh Tea Ball.  I open it up and put the tea inside the ball and put it into the cup. Our Gingerbread tea is a black tea, so we'll need the water temperature to be 212 degrees. When the water is ready pour over top of your tea ball.  This tea needs to steep 5 minutes. When it's done, enjoy it while you wait for your scones...then make a second cup using the same tea! Did you know that with loose-leaf tea you can get two or more brews from it before discarding?


a gingerbread scone with lemon curd on topTake the scones out when done, let cool and cut into wedges and serve with that amazing Lemon Curd - WOW!! What a treat!


Hope we inspired you today!  If you'd like to gift this to someone you know, you can order a medium box with crinkle and tissue and we can write a note on our tag for you - just let us know what you'd like. 


To guarantee shipping before Christmas, we will need that order by December 15th!


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