Monday Holiday Tea & Baking

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It's certainly not a pretty day in northwest Ohio today, 

but we're going to bring the holiday in....won't you join us??

Today, we are featuring our amazing Chocolate Peppermint Caramel Sauce (which is FANTASTIC on a SPOON, lol!) It is lovely drizzled on top of your ice cream (we've tested and approved both the spoon and ice cream for you, be assured!) However, we thought we'd show you how you can make the EASIEST Holiday Cookies with our Caramel Butter Bars (you can pick the recipe up when you pick a jar of any of our caramel sauces, or we can send it with your package if you order online!)

You'll only need a cup of butter at room temperature that you'll mix with sugar and powdered sugar. Once you mix that up, add vanilla. Then, your flour. It will be all crumbly, so you'll take about a third and put it in a lined 8x8 pan (this makes it easy to pop out and cut up). Put the rest of the crumbled dough into the fridge while you bake the bars.

After about 20 minutes, take the crust out and put about a 1/2 cup of the peppermint caramel sauce over top.  Let it soften on the hot crust, then spread it all over. You can leave it as is, or throw some chocolate chips on top, and maybe even some crushed candy canes! Get the rest of the crumbles from the fridge and put them on the caramel and chocolate chips. I added some red, green, and white holiday sprinkles to make it more festive!

Bake for 25 minutes or until golden. Let the pan cool before lifting the bars out of the pan. Place on cutting board, cut into squares, and serve.




We thought it would be fun to break out the green depression glass plates, teacups, and saucers for you today; I mean, it's not every day that we have guests, after all!

We've paired these sweet vintage plates with our new Averie Cardinal Quilted Round Placemats (so gorgeous for the winter months!)

We made our Candy Cane Burst tea in our VERY festive Red 6-cup Teapot for you today; after all, it is a Holiday party!!

Next time you are in or online, check out our caramel sauces, tea, and teapots!

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